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About The Course

Through a combination of live webinars, interactive online modules, and personalized coaching, participants will learn how to spot momentum in the market, analyze price action, and execute effective trades with confidence.

This mentorship program is ideal for individuals who are looking to take their trading skills to the next level and achieve consistent profits through momentum trading.

The Momentum Trading Mentorship program is designed to help aspiring traders learn the secrets of successful momentum trading strategies.

This comprehensive mentorship provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify profitable stock opportunities and capitalize on them.

About me

Dhawal Jain

Trader and Content Creator

Meet Dhawal Jain, a proficient momentum stock trader known for effectively managing a 1 crore portfolio. With over 5 years of experience.

With a track record of turning market volatility into lucrative opportunities, Dhawal Jain continues to inspire both seasoned traders and newcomers to the world of trading.
He aim to educate 10,000+ traders in his mentoring journey.

What Will You Learn ?


Course Content

1. Introduction to the course content.

2. Weekly time frame strategy

3. Daily time frame strategy

4. Deep dive into the art of price action

5. Learning how to ride a stock trend.

6. Learn to master Fibonacci Indicator the right way

7. Learn the secret trick to know about Institutional buying

8. Master the art of Risk management

9. Free : Extra price action techniques master class and 50EMA strategy.

10. Learn and combine all the learning to make a completeΒ  strategy.

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